Automating Fraud And Financial Crime Prevention In Retail Banking




Automating Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention in Retail Banking

20 - 22 February 2019


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The penalty of bad compliance, allowing fraud and financial crime to go on unseen, is so high that it is now a necessity for banks to invest in advanced technology and robots to join their army of compliance officers to accurately and efficiently detect suspicious behaviour. Retail banks have been particularly fast on the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence, and this is no surprise as it is now particularly inefficient to manually carry out due diligence on customers, especially when this resource is put to better use where human instinct is required. RPA and AI offers an opportunity for retail banks to save money by reducing the costs and losses associated with fighting financial crime, as well as the cost of compliance in the long run. In this conference we will cover the very cutting edge ways in which retail banks are using automation and AI to affectively detect fraud (payment, card, and credit) and financial crime, and in turn reshape their response.