AWS Lambda And Cassandra Managed Service




AWS Lambda and Cassandra Managed Service

14 November 2018

New York

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Managed service and serverless architecture are very attractive solutions for new tech companies and large established enterprise for good reasons: It reduces the time to market; it abstracts away the complexity of managing servers, and lower the total cost of ownership. One of the key players in serverless architecture is AWS with its aws-lambda offering: a simple way to execute a small portion of stateless code, on demand, without the need to provision any servers. AWS lambda are often combined with AWS api gateway to provide the front end and execution layer of a REST api. Cassandra is one of the most popular solutions for back-end storage of large-scale applications. It's always on, scalable, and provides very low latency.
This talk will walk you through a POC that combines AWS lambda, API Gateway, and Instaclustr Cassandra managed service, to power a simple REST api. We will cover the technical challenges, the tips learned along the way, and discuss the pros and cons of this approach.

Bio: Ben is responsible for working closely with his engineering team and customers to build highly available, scalable applications.Instaclustr is the only multi-cloud, self service Cassandra as a Service (CaaS) provider in the world.

Only thing -- since this is JMPC's building we need to be able to securely track this information and who is in the building. They have created an EventBrite page where attendees need to RSVP so they can get a badge to get into the facility. Here is a link to that page.