AWS User Group UK Meetup #40




AWS User Group UK Meetup #40

27 November 2019


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We are delighted to announce that the amazing Sheen Brisals (@sheenbrisals) from Lego will be giving our first talk - "Don't Wait for Functionless - Write Less Functions Instead". We'll announce our second talk shortly.


• 18:30: Arrival, Registration and Networking

• 19:00: Talks starting

• 20:30: Food and drinks provided due to the generosity of our Sponsors!

Talk 1:

"Don't Wait for Functionless - Write Less Functions Instead."

Serverless is a great platform and lambda is an amazing technology, but, are we often get carried away in the early excitement of adopting serverless and then fall into the trap of becoming a lambda factory where it limits our thinking and vision to see only the lambda functions? Well, this happens to all of us who do serverless, in particular to those who start fresh on their serverless journey.

This talk is aimed at the very same concerns and to enable our thinking to find ways to write less functions. Citing examples from AWS Cloud, in this talk, I will walk you through the services, the patterns and the architectures that we often overlook but can play the part in reducing the lambda footprint.

Talks like this are eye openers to engineers and architects. The takeaway point of this talk is about writing less functions and being productive. Hope for a function-less future but, for now, start the journey with less functions!

A seasoned software engineer, Sheen Brisals is currently working at LEGO, architecting serverless solutions. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect who focuses on serverless and microservices applications. Previously as a principal engineer, tech lead and development manager with leading organizations such as Oracle Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Omron, TATA, BAe and others