Azure Kubernetes Service




Azure Kubernetes Service

4 February 2019


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Thanks to Azure Kubernetes Service, it only takes a few minutes to have your fully managed Kubernetes cluster up and running on Azure. You can quickly start experimenting with what is considered the de-facto standard to orchestrate containers solutions and understand how to leverage it and integrate it with the rest of the Azure ecosystem.

However, this is just a first step: going to production requires an in-depth look at several aspects which we have to take into account. How do I safely roll out an update after the initial deploy? How can I bring my custom domain, and expose my website in HTTPS? How do I ensure that my cluster stays healthy over time and how do I integrate it with the rest of the PaaS offering in Azure?

These are some of the topics we are going to explore during the talk, together with some useful best practices that will guide you when productionising your first container-based application.