Back To Basics On Java Series | Introduction To Databases On Azure Emma M.




Back to Basics on Java Series | Introduction to Databases on Azure Emma M.

16 February 2021


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What is this session about?
In this 25-minutes session, we will have a look at using managed databases on Azure. We will cover everything from exploring which SQL databases are available on Azure (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server), to Connecting an Azure App Service application to a managed MySQL database, and everything inbetween!

Who is it aimed at?
This bitesize episode is an introductory level aimed at learners who are new to Java programming.

Why should I attend?
We will cover the following subjects:
- SQL databases on Azure
NoSQL database usage with CosmosDB
- Creating a managed MySQL instance on Azure
- Automating resource creation using Terraform
- Firewall and network configuration to securely access the database
- Connecting an Azure App Service application to a managed MySQL database

Speaker info:
Julien Dubois manages the Java developer advocacy team at Microsoft.
He is known as the creator and lead developer of the JHipster project, and as a Java Champion. In the past 20 years, Julien has mainly worked with the Java and Spring technologies as an architect and as a consultant, working for many different customers across all industries. As he loves to share his passion, Julien wrote a book on the Spring Framework, spoke at more than 100 international conferences, and created several popular Open Source projects.