BBC Machine Learning: AI’s Hurdles To Doing Good




BBC Machine Learning: AI’s Hurdles to Doing Good

6 March 2019


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Please join us at our home location of BBC Broadcast Centre, White City Place, for the March edition of our Machine Learning Fireside Chats. Let's gather around the 4K TV fireplace for a bite to eat and a beverage, and tune into a panel discussion of industry practitioners and experts.

"AI is being used in myriad ways to enable social good but how does the [hopefully the government as well] charity sector - not traditionally at the sharp end of technology - ensure it doesn’t go awry, especially when charitable organisations serve some of the most vulnerable people, and public trust and goodwill are particularly important to their core mission.

How easy is it, really, to achieve social good with AI? Is the data available to support the effort? Are there enough experts who understand not just algorithms but the environments they’re working in? How do you even begin to check your project for ethical risks. And does the cost of managing an ongoing project outweigh its benefits. How do smaller charities cope?