BBC Machine Learning Fireside Chats Presents: Show Me The M(L)oney




BBC Machine Learning Fireside Chats presents: Show me the M(L)oney

16 January 2019


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Show me the M(L)oney

Please join us at WeWork in Paddington on the 16th January, for our first 2019 edition of the Machine Learning Fireside Chats. Let's gather around the 4K TV fireplace for a bite to eat and a beverage, and tune into a panel discussion of industry practitioners and experts.

"In 2017 the VC industry invested $15.2bn into ML related start-ups according to CBInsights. While some argue that the VC investment into the space is plateauing, there is no denying that this is big cash.(see

So what impact does this have on the developments of machine learning? Does this mean that machine learning is only applied to industries that allow startups a quick exit? Are smart people being training to join start ups so that they can then be acquihired at large salaries? Or are we actually seing the end of startup innovation as large tech organisations compete to pay large salaries to hire rare deep-learning researchers? And if the future is AI everywhere what impact does it have on most of us if this technology is mostly developed in privately funded companies?"