BBC ML Presents: Predictive Machines Meet Human




BBC ML presents: Predictive machines meet human

1 May 2019


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We can’t possibly exhaust this topic in one night…! But it feels like we We can’t possibly exhaust this topic in one night…! But it feels like we need to start somewhere. We already established that it is unlikely robots will take us over in creative production. Not soon anyway. However predictive machines are making their way into newsrooms and studios. Sometimes to make it cheaper, sometimes to make it better. Either way it turns out to be a spectacularly complicated process to create this human plus machine dream team.

This time we will explore the state of the art of collaboration between machine generated predictions and people in the creative process. What is the work ahead of us in order to make this join venture better? What is going to be the role of increased interpretability of predictions, the role of interfaces and how the work of content creator is going to change? Finally what are the dangers, and consequences to the business and the audience?

We have an amazing outline with Chief Data Scientist from Channel 4, Greg Detre for a start and I will be supported by Atte Jääskeläinen, a renowned ML researcher and a former Director of News and Current Affairs at Finnish Yle, considered to be besides BBC a leading innovator among public service broadcasters.
Magda Piatkowska

We will start with some food and drinks at 18:30, then a hosted discussion at 19:00 followed by a Q&A with the audience.