Beers And Blockchain: A Summertime Tech Exclusive




Beers and Blockchain: A Summertime Tech Exclusive

1 August 2018

New York

Added 13-Feb-2023

Since sparking the crypto-craze back in February, we’re heating up the summer once again exploring the future of a blockchain enabled economy, and how you can prepare yourself – as a business or entrepreneur – to be successful.

Blockchain, while considered by many to be a technology, connotes a much more expansive disruption – it presents new processes, frameworks, and organizing structures for how business is conducted in the private and public sector. Successful professionals need to develop a wider range of skills, will need to expand the way they think about acquiring skills, and must be prepared to develop their own roadmap for supporting professional and career advancement.

We have some of the industries brightest minds set to join us, including folks from Consensys, The Blockchain Academy and more!

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