BeyondTech 2019




BeyondTech 2019

1 - 2 May 2019


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Going BeyondTech - Diversity, Tech Ethics & Tech for Good
For years we’ve been bringing communities together to share and learn new skills. Along the way, we’ve shaped technologies and helped launch new ones. Now we want to broaden the discussion.

Tech permeates our lives and while it has created many opportunities it has also created many challenges. It’s time to go beyond the technical specifications and talk about these challenges. At BeyondTech we aim to create new ideas and achieve shared understandings that can be used to grow powerful, diverse teams and to create products that have a positive impact on the world.

In Detail
BeyondTech is a forum for layered discussions on diversity and accessibility, tech ethics, and tech for good.

Across two days, speakers will look at what enterprises and individuals can do to encourage, manage and communicate diversity. The conference is an open conversation to dissect the paths taken in tech, the decisions we make and where they are leading society as a whole.

Discussions will dive into our accountability for what we create, and for who, why, and how we ship new software and concepts. Through these discussions, we hope we can learn how all of us can benefit from diverse perspectives to create products that have a lasting and positive impact on the future.