Blockchain Week 2018 Hackathon




Blockchain Week 2018 Hackathon

19 January 2018


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Blockchain technology has the potential to improve the lives of citizens and central banks and governments have an unprecedented opportunity to launch initiatives that benefit a country, remote region or a forgotten segment. The winning concept should consider the technological and infrastructural challenges to deploying a meaningful Blockchain project in places where IDs, electricity, and even roads might might be lacking. Last year's projects were taken to trial, that may be possible again.

With over 300 participants already registered, there's room for one more sponsored challenge. Get in touch if you would like to set the 2nd challenge.

We're expecting 25-35 teams this year at Cocoon Networks in Moorgate. It should be a great experience as usual. Last year's winners are exploring pilots of the winning projects with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea. 

Get Involved:

Winning teams will be judged on concept originality, feasibility, level of development and appropriate use of Blockchain. The winning teams will receive a minimum of £1000 cash and present their concepts to the audience at London Blockchain Week. The potential is also there to take the concept to live prototype with our sponsors. Applied Blockchain & The Blockchain Connector will be facilitating and providing technical support throughout the hackathon weekend.