Brave Conversations




Brave Conversations

16 January 2019


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What brave conversation would make all the difference in your career?

So often, it is fear that holds us back from having the brave conversation that could make all the difference. This workshop focuses on moving through our often-unfounded fears of uncertainty, failure, conflict, and rejection, to a place where we can communicate effectively without blame or judgement.

Whether it’s a promotion, pay rise, change in role, development opportunity, or giving difficult feedback – this workshop will enable you to quickly learn the skills and approach to make a powerful case for change, and strengthen relationships as you do so.

This interactive session covers:

- Identifying the brave conversations we want and need to have
- Recognising the fears and excuses we make to ourselves that hold us back
- Learning how to move forward despite them

Through attending this workshop, you will;

- Learn a simple structure that enables powerful, objective and meaningful conversations
- Be motivated to take bold, immediate steps towards your personal and professional goals
- Feel empowered to ask for what you need or want, with less fear around hearing “no”
- Identify fact from emotion, assumption and story
- Understand and move past the excuses & fears that hold you back
- Develop and practice skills to give and receive courageous feedback