Break Out Of The Browser With TensorFlow.js




Break Out of the Browser with TensorFlow.js

9 May 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

In this workshop you will build a "Break Out" game using Node.js with a twist of Machine Learning. Sounds impossible? Not anymore with the release of TensorFlow.js.

The starting point of this workshop is a simple "Break Out" game where the paddle can be moved with the mouse and the keyboard. As a first step you will learn how to add a TensorFlow.js model to the game and do some basic training of the model. Eventually TensorFlow.js will be used to control the navigation of the paddle.

At the end of the workshop you should be able to play the game and move the paddle, simply by moving your head. And along the way you should have gained some basic knowledge about TensorFlow.js.

6pm arrive - pizza & drinks kindly provided by Futurice!
6.30pm - workshop starts
8.30pm - workshop ends
9.30pm - to the pub (The William IV)

For the workshop you will need basic JavaScript knowledge and your own laptop with camera functionality enabled.