Breakfast & Catch-up




Breakfast & Catch-up

3 April 2019


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You can arrive and leave any time between 8am and 9:30am, and a hot and cold buffet breakfast will be available throughout the entire time of the event. We will be seated at the far end of the room (look to your left after signing in at reception), near the space where the food is laid out.

Pivotal hosts an office stand-up at 9:06am, which you are welcome to stay and observe. If you don’t have to head straight off to your own office after the meet, you can continue to hang out in the publicly-accessible cafe on the ground floor and maybe do some co-working.

All participants are required to sign an NDA on arrival about any client info you may see at the Pivotal office. If you’d like to see an advance copy of this, please contact the organisers and we will send it to you.

Accessibility: The building is fully accessible. Main access is via revolving doors, with non-revolving automatic doors available via intercom. Gender-neutral toilets and baby-changing facilities are available inside the office.