Breaking The Monolith (with Kubernetes)




Breaking the Monolith (with Kubernetes)

17 October 2019

New York

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Topic: Is porting a Monolith to Kubernetes really that bad? Is it truly an anti-pattern to containerize a hulking Rails app? In this talk we will we cover not only why you should or shouldn’t port your pet monolith, but how to apply the strangler pattern to port it over to microservices. We’ll cover where to start, what to measure, and how to devise a plan to turn one pet container into a bunch of cattle containers.

Alex Cornford, Senior DevOps Consultant
Alex has played two sides of the same coin. In a previous life, he helped enable a enterprise mindset to startups, and more recently a startup mindset to enterprises. Having worked deep in the guts of many of the famous open source tools, Alex marries the hacker mindset to the niche problems we all face.

James Strong, Cloud Native Director
James has proven expertise in the most challenging environments. Starting at GE and then moving to companies of various states of maturity, James has always improved his methodologies along the way. James has constantly proved himself as a juggernaut in the realm of cloud engineering, proving no problem is too niche, and no engineer is too far removed to conquer any challenge that any team may face.