Brighton Mobile Meetup




Brighton Mobile Meetup

15 February 2018


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This month we're talking Kotlin! Chetan Padia will be guiding us through what Kotlin is and makes it so much better than Java.

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We'll kick off as usual with food, drinks, and chatting from 19:00 with the talk beginning after that. There will also be time for anyone to show off something they have been working on recently. Get in touch with us if you're interested! Afterwards, we will head down the road to The Lord Nelson for some drinks and more chatting.

This event is open to all experience, abilities, and job roles. Whether you're working for a mobile app company, a freelancer, or just dabbling with mobile in your spare time, we'd love for you to join us.

Chetan Padia ( - Kotlin makes Java null and void

Why Java developers should start writing Kotlin today, what I wish I had known before starting, and why iOS developers can also benefit.

Chetan has worked with Android, iOS and Web for many years, notably at SwiftKey and now as CTO at Beeline. He's a fan of testing, developer tools, and clean code.