Bristol SEO Meetup




Bristol SEO Meetup

9 January 2019


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First talk: 8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Continuing from the previous Ecommerce CRO talk, Faye will share 8 *new* actionable steps you can take to improve your ecommerce conversion rate. This talk explores the different steps in the customer journey, from the homepage to the checkout process, and highlights how you can improve the path to conversion and drive more sales on your ecommerce store.

Faye Watt, Edico Media

Second talk: Data: The Future of Link Building

Link building on paper is the simplest and most effective tool in pushing up your organic visibility. In reality, it’s probably one of the hardest as it relies on your understanding of people, in different circumstances, with different goals and varying levels of understanding as to what it is you want. To be successful at this, we as marketers need to be able to understand data to be able to pick behavioral patterns, that will help us build stories that will gain the links we need from media. I will be sharing actionable advice in your war to build links and help you make your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

Dan Saunders, The Edit

Third talk: Using Offline Data to Fuel Success through Online Paid Media

In a data-fueled world, why and how can advertisers use data to fuel their online paid campaigns. Mel's presentation will showcase some tactics to leverage data for stronger campaign impact, as consumers move across offline to the online space and visa versa.

Mel Hyde, The Edit