Britain’s Future On Automation




Britain’s Future on Automation

7 November 2018


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The manufacturing industry is currently one of the most automated sectors. As Industry 4.0 kicks off, a new wave of automation is set to begin. In this talk, Mike will be sharing how advances in robotics and industrial 4.0 technologies affect UK’s future on automation and manufacturing. Current challenges in the automation industry, and some advices to students and early researchers working on robotics.

Mike is a Business Development Manager for ABB Robotics leading the drive to increase the use of robots across UK manufacturing. In addition, he is Chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association, Director of the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association and Board member of the Engineering and Machinery Alliance. He has previously been Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics from 2000 to 2003. His book, “Implementation of Robot System” was published in 2014.