Browser Mechanics For ASP.NET Developers




Browser Mechanics for ASP.NET Developers

12 November 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

This is designed to be a friendly and insightful event focused towards supporting and collaborating the .NET community.

The event will be catered towards software engineers / architects of all levels who are interested in meeting with like-minded people, as well as hearing from industry leaders discussing all things .NET.

I'm pleased to say that as a co-organiser, Benjamin Howarth will be presenting their talk, "Browser Mechanics for ASP.NET Developers".

Modern web development has gone well beyond ASP.NET WebForms and MVC, with so many modern web frameworks now packing well over 2 megabytes of Javascript into even the most basic of applications. How does one manage performance of your site/application, from the API level up to browser render times?

More often approached as an afterthought, this primer will cover some essential ground on how to approach measuring website and web app performance, along with some quick wins, through to some more lower-level technical nuances with HTTP2, compression, and header management, and finally putting all our tools together to comprehensively and continuously keep a watchful eye on your performance metrics.

The topic will include ASP.NET and NodeJS samples, and slides & code will be available on Github.