Build Actions For Your Community




Build Actions for Your Community

11 July 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

Learn how to build Actions for the Google Assistant. Virtual assistants are in many homes these days giving us a peak into a future where technology helps us by making life easier and more efficient.

Right now the apps available cover internet search, music access, home automation and many custom apps from the developer community. Have you ever thought "why don't they have an app to do this....?? It would be so useful to have that." Well now is your chance!!

In this session you will learn how to write Actions for the Google Assistant! Learn the moving parts, design your own app and build it. Who knows - this may be the start of a new career! It certainly is a very fun and accessible development environment and experience where you can see and experience the fruit of your labour very quickly and you can explore your creativity.

What is this event about?
This is part of a global initiative supported by Google Developers and the Assistant Team.