Build, Measure, Learn, For Real




Build, Measure, Learn, for real

29 January 2019


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We all get the theory, but when it comes to deciding which experiment to do first and how to organize it, it's difficult business.
That's why for the entire event we'll dive into details of how to conduct experiments.

We are excited to have Tricky Bassett and Ariel Lerner from product innovation and design Fluxx to take us through their approach and to run a practical hands-on experiment on your own business ideas.

At Fluxx they run experiments with real customers to reveal problems before they’re baked into a product, it is an idea that they learned from startups - someone bootstrapping an idea from their kitchen table can’t afford to waste time or money on ideas that are unlikely to succeed.
They have used this approach to re-invent retailers, test ‘banking bots’ in Dubai and even turn an insurance business into an ‘all you need for your dog’ business.

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The event price is set to £5 as a donation for food and drinks. You can gain free entry by publicizing the event on Social Media: details on the EventBrite Page.

6:30 pm Doors open: Snacks, soft drinks.

6:45pm - Updates about Lean Startup Night and upcoming Lean Startup Summit in Berlin on 12th February.

7:00 pm Build, Measure, Learn. For Real, with Tricky Bassett and Ariel Lerner from Fluxx.
Tricky and Ariel will reveal how experiments can be used to understand people's reactions to propositions and why the results won’t always be what you expect.
They will also facilitate a practical session to give you the opportunity to get involved and kick-start some experiments of your own.

8:00pm Lean Connect - drinks, and canvas breakdowns: Let us know when you arrive if you want to create your own Business Model Canvas on the night, or bring one with you, and receive 1:1 advice from Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark

8:30pm Networking & drinks

Lean Startup London is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup London event is hosted by Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark and features panel talks, fireside chats, case studies presentations and practical exercises.