Building A Bank On Microsoft Azure




Building a Bank on Microsoft Azure

18 March 2019


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A unique opportunity to hear from Andrew Smith, the CTO of ClearBank, the first clearing bank in 250 years on how they disrupted the banking industry in the UK with their use of cloud.

ClearBank® is the UK's first new clearing bank in more than 250 years. It is creating a new level of open competition and transparency within the UK financial services marketplace.

Andrew is responsible for the core company technologies, designed and developed along with all other supporting technologies and technical integrations. This includes all aspects of IT infrastructure for internal and external use, all core banking software designed and developed here in the UK by ClearBank®

He am also responsible for the collection and presentation of key data back to all areas of the company and its directors.

He works closely with RISK, Legal, Operations, Finance and ensure all our technology focussed regulatory obligations are met.