Building A Citizen IoT Network In Microsoft Azure




Building a Citizen IoT network in Microsoft Azure

15 April 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Paul will talk about a citizen innovation that has developed on Norfolk around the LoRaWAN network. It now covers ~25% of Norfolk, and excitingly, Norfolk and Suffolk are collaborating on a funding bid to see all 8000km2 of Norfolk + Suffolk covered.

We are also seeing LoRaWAN being adopted across the country by City councils and counties. Many have citizen projects building out air quality sensors on the network – for example.

Focus areas are adult social care, transport, environment and aggrotech.

LoRaWAN can be directly integrated into Azure by using IoT Hub SDKs, IoT Edge and IoT Central Bridge.

Paul will go into a bit of detail about LoRa modulation, sensor design and gateway building – I have a side project for an Azure Sphere based LoRaWAN Gateway that should be at least prototyped by then.