Building An AWS-hosted Data Platform




Building an AWS-hosted Data Platform

14 May 2019

New York

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6:00 - Doors & Food
6:30 - Talk 1
7:15 - Talk 2
7:45 - Wrap & Chat

Talk 1: An Opinionated Guide to Building an AWS-hosted Data Platform
Tom LeRoux, VP of Data Engineering and Analytics @ Disney Streaming

These days there are many ways to build a cloud-based data warehouse. While AWS makes it easier to deploy infrastructure, it does not provide a prescriptive way to build out a data and analytics platform that meets the needs of both data producers and data consumers.
In this talk we will dive into particular design biases that helped us choose our data architecture for The Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer video businesses globally, including the ESPN+ premium sports streaming service and Disney+, the upcoming Disney subscription video service. We will dig into the different patterns of streaming and batch data ingestions, and talk about how different types of data is transformed and made available to the organization.

Tom LeRoux is VP of Data Engineering at Disney Streaming Services. Tom joined DSS in July of 2018 and runs the data platform that powers Disney+ and ESPN+. Prior to DSS Tom worked at Goldman Sachs where he led the team that built Goldman's new consumer banking data and analytics platform.

Talk 2: TBD