Building Ecosystems & Gaining Blockchain Adoption




Building Ecosystems & Gaining Blockchain Adoption

18 April 2019


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Join us for an indepth presentation and discussion on three juggernauts in the blockchain sphere fighting to develop ecosystems and enterprise adoption or how new startup's are creating innovative token mechanics suitable for the bear market and providing returns for investors.

20|30: Tomer (CEO) & Rob (COO)

Fantom: Andre Cronje (Lead Dev) & Michael Chen (Community Manager Officer)

LTO Network: Rick Schmitz(CEO)

Most blockchain projects focus on financial transactions utilizing Smart Contracts. However, this leaves an enormous B2B market untapped. The benefits those parties are actually looking for in blockchain technology are reduction of costs on paperwork, administration, and so on. They need a way to automate processes — not within, but amongst organizations — in a trustless way. They need a level playing field. This is exactly what LTO Network provides. By combining private and public layers, it allows organizations to meet GDPR and data privacy requirements, while preventing the scalability issues typically associated with blockchain projects.