Building Web Apps Using Micro Frontends




Building Web Apps using Micro Frontends

25 July 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Micro Frontends are Micro Services in the browser. Instead of building one large monolith, we create a constellation of small apps that live side-by-side in the running browser. This eliminates vendor lock-in, provides an easy migration path between frameworks, and facilitates code-splitting and lazy-loading. Applications can be built using any framework and multiple frameworks can co-exist on the page at the same time.

Moreover, building apps this way is easy. Building lots of small applications that do one thing is much simpler than building one massive one that tries to do everything. Finding bugs in a small codebase is simple. Work can be spread between teams, and because the code is split into separate independent apps, teams can deliver without stepping on each other's toes. Legacy code can be siloed and gradually deprecated piece by piece.

Nick Johnson worked as Front End Lead at Beamery, where he led a team migrating a legacy AngularJS app to a series of micro-frontends without throwing away running code or creating downtime for the business. This will be a practical talk. We'll look at a working codebase and understand how it fits together.