Business Agility And Simplicity: The Art Of The Possible!




Business Agility and Simplicity: The art of the possible!

4 March 2021


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The path to Business Agility is long and often arduous, but it is the only way forward. For many though, it will prove to be a mission impossible.

In an uncertain world we will always face complexity. But it appears that too many people are making things even more complex, with very few people trying to make things simpler. But simplicity has real value. To your customers, your people, and you.

Retired Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Casey, acknowledged this and stated, “Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty.”

Many of us are acquainted with Parkinson’s law, which states that ‘work expands to fill the time allotted to it’. Author Edward de Bono, a recognised expert on Simplicity, advocates that “There should be a law of complexity which might go as follows: ‘Sufficient complexity will always be created to fill the need for complexity.’” I’ve witnessed this, have you?

In this session, we will explore Simplicity in the context of Business Agility. Feel free to bring your questions and your sharing spirit to this conversation!

Neil is an Agile leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. An early Agile advocate, with 3 decades of hands-on Agile delivery, advisory, and coaching experience. He’s applied a range of Lean-Agile practices and complementing competencies to transform organisations, working across a variety of industries (including finance, government, services, retail, logistics). From 2001, he began experimenting with using Agile practices and principles beyond software and product development, extending this further in 2005, when he led and facilitated an inaugural “Business Agility” transformation at a global SI. He is a Senior Partner with Catalyst Consulting, a 25-year old boutique Lean-Agile consulting firm.