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C++ Edinburgh

12 August 2019


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Come along to C++ Edinburgh to see some great talks and to chat and network with local C++ developers. This time, we have two special guests visiting Edinburgh with the following talks:

Dependency Management at the End of the Rainbow — Corentin Jabot

Do you dream of a good, ubiquitous "package manager for C++"? You are not alone: It is one of the most requested feature by the community. But despite the strong interest and the evident benefits this sought after unicorn would offer, existing solutions do not necessarily meet the community's expectations. Yet, other languages seem to have cracked this problem. What makes C++ more challenging? We will try to define the scope of dependency management, talk about the C++ ecosystem and its tools. We will explore the advantages and drawbacks of the various ways to distribute and reuse C++ code and reflect on hot topics such as "binary compatibility", "building the world" and "living at head". While this talk will not spawn unicorns, we might discover a few actionable guidelines to make our projects easier to build and share.
C++20: the small things — Timur Doumler

C++20 comes with some big new language features: modules, coroutines, concepts, spaceship, and many new libraries. But apart from all those, C++20 also offers many small language improvements, making C++ more powerful and expressive, but also safer and more consistent.

This talk is an overview over all those smaller additions to the core language that will make your life easier. We will discuss much-needed improvements to existing facilities such as lambdas, CTAD, structured bindings, and initialisation, as well as brand-new language utilities that you may not yet have heard about!