C++Now Post-Conference Panel Discussion




C++Now Post-Conference Panel Discussion

15 May 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Some of our members will be in Aspen, Colorado, the week of May 6–10 to attend the C++Now conference. C++Now is a relatively small conference focused on helping to define what the next version of C++ will look like.

On the first Wednesday after the conference, we'll host a Q&A session featuring a panel of people who attended C++Now. This is your chance to hear about the cutting edge of C++ development — and get recommendations for some good talks to watch on YouTube in the next couple of months.

This meetup description will be updated as we recruit panelists. So far, the panel will include at least Elias Kosunen and Arthur O'Dwyer. If you'd like to be on the panel, please leave a comment on the event or in the Slack channel, and we'll be in touch!

Questions for panelists to think about: What was your favorite C++Now session? What was the most controversial or thought-provoking? Which session's video recording are you most anxiously awaiting? What did you think of the keynotes? What was the most interesting lunchtime discussion you had? What topics or sessions interested or excited you personally? What are your thoughts on concepts, coroutines, Ranges, modules, contracts, "operator spaceship," constexpr memory allocation, and the other big features slated for C++2a?