Cambridge Marketing MeetUp




Cambridge Marketing MeetUp

6 February 2018


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The Cambridge Marketing Meetup is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Cambridge to meet, learn, and share knowledge with one another. Come in 'listen' not 'sell' mode.


Jim Doyle - Resistance is Futile
Adapting to change, the power of Social Media and live video requires a changing mindset to succeed in person and in business.
Is there an easy way to manage the changes? How can productivity be increased while minimising stress? This will be an interactive session to give insight to working with your personal change.

Mira Nair & Edmund Johnson: Data Visualisation 101

Data is more important than ever for marketers - internally, it's how we measure the results and ROI of our marketing activities. We use data visuals like graphs and charts to show what we've achieved to internal stakeholders. Externally, we use data visualisations like infographics to demonstrate our authority to prospective customers. Data visualisation is an important tool of communication for marketers, but when designed badly can damage brands and reputations. This talk will cover the 101 principles of good data visualisation design, focusing on practical tips for marketers to communicate with data more clearly.

Format of the Night:

6.30PM - Doors Open - Light Snacks, Drinks, Networking, Ping Pong and Table Football

7.10/7.15PM - Introduction and Talks Begin

8:10/8:15PM - Talks Finish, Networking, more Ping Pong and Table Football

9PM - End of the night - you leave with new contacts and fresh ideas