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Cambridge WordPress:Accessibility

8 February 2021


Added 01-Jan-1970

Some, like me, might think that their websites don't target people who require good accessibility. However, accessibility practices make your website easier for everyone to read, navigate, & understand your offering.

As usual it's a discussion around this topic. Everyone is welcome to share tips and insights, and also to ask questions, which hopefully the group can answer.

It's a zoom meetings, as everywhere is in lockdown. It means everyone can share screens if they wish.

Thanks to Chris Cox of for providing Zoom.
This meetup website should reveal the Zoom details, once you've registered. On Monday Feb 8th I'll send an email to everyone who registered with the Zoom details. Zoom tends not to reveal the details once the meeting starts.

This format seems to work.

7:00pm: Welcome. Depending on numbers, everyone gets to introduce themselves, perhaps 10 seconds each, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress. If we have many attendees, then introductions via the chat.

7:10 pm: Discussion starts. Not sure where the discussion will start or end, but such discussions are usually informative.

8:25 ish: Discussion of suitable topics for next month.

8:30 There was a desire to wrap up the meeting by about 8:30PM.