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10 June 2019


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Have you delved into the depths of Gutenberg, the new(-ish) WordPress page/post editor? Maybe you have just dipped your toe in and want to know what the fuss is about. Maybe you have been using the editor for a while now and want to create something more custom? Maybe even look into building your own blocks?

From new Gutenberg user to plugin developer or agency, the Cambridge WordPress meetup would like to invite you to an evening with Gutenberg. We have four talks by four different people, covering how to use the Block Editor(aka Gutenberg), and three ways you can build your own.

Talk 1: A tour of Gutenberg and building pages & posts using Blocks.

Elisabeth Klaar of Oak Tree Studio is a marketing and fundraising specialist and has worked with a number of charities and organisations across Cambridgeshire. She has also helped many individuals and SMEs use their websites with greater confidence, and delivers training on many aspects of the WordPress platform.

Talk 2: Building a custom block using BlockLab.

Chris McMahon of has been helping small businesses and non-profits get better with WordPress since 2010. Chris has kindly volunteered to talk about his experiences with BlockLab, a plugin which allows you to build custom Gutenberg blocks. Chris will share how far he got in building a working block, and what his likes and dislikes about the plugin were.

Talk 3: Building a custom block using JavaScript and React

Chris O'Dell of Foxdell Folio has been writing software for over 20 years, and his talk will cover what goes into making up a custom block, and give some code 'recipies' for making your own using the native technologies used to build a Block. Don't worry if you don't understand JavaScript or React as this talk will cover strategies for building blocks with little knowledge of these technologies.

Talk 4: Building a custom block using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

Jonathan Whiteland has been a member of the WordPress meetup group since 2015. A master of the [shortcode] Jonathan has been exploring other avenues for building blocks outside of using JavaScript. As a fan of ACF, he has recently been exploring the use of the ACF extension which allows you to build a custom blocks. His talk will cover how you can use the ACF extension to build a fully working block to display custom data on the front end of your website.