Canary Wharf .NET Meetup - GRPC In ASP.NET Core 3.0




Canary Wharf .NET Meetup - gRPC in ASP.NET Core 3.0

8 October 2019


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This is designed to be a friendly and insightful event focused towards supporting and collaborating the .NET community.

The event will be catered towards software engineers / architects of all levels who are interested in meeting with like-minded people, as well as hearing from industry leaders discussing all things .NET.

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce a real treat for our members - long-time leader in the .NET field, Mark Rendle, will be discussing the new gRPC features in ASP.NET Core 3.

Mark's talk:

With the release of ASP.NET Core 3.0, Microsoft has added gRPC services as a fully-supported option, with full Visual Studio and dotnet CLI integration. gRPC is an efficient, high-performance, low-latency RPC protocol that is designed for inter-service communication in distributed architectures. It’s also fully cross-platform, allowing seamless communication between systems written in .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, Go and everything else. gRPC supports advanced models from request/response to bi-directional streaming, making it ideal for high-volume network traffic.

This talk will demonstrate how to create gRPC services in ASP.NET Core 3.0, from the basics of Protobuf to advanced scenarios, and consume those services from .NET Core 3.0 applications including web, desktop and mobile.

We’ll also look at migrating applications to gRPC from WCF, which Microsoft is not bringing to any future version of .NET. We’ll see what WCF features map cleanly to gRPC, what features are different or missing completely, and how to address those differences as part of any migration project.

About our speaker:

Mark Rendle has been building software professionally for over 30 years, from C on UNIX to C# on Linux, because time is circular. He is currently working to help organisations finally make the move from .NET 4.x to .NET Core 3.0 and beyond, with tools, training and hands-on help. People say he’s quite good at this whole speaking lark, too. You can follow him on Twitter, @markrendle.

Food & drink provided, we look forward to seeing you there!