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Cassandra Meetup

7 March 2019


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The Cassandra meetup is back after a long break with a big relaunch this March at Monzo's office in Central London!

For this month's edition we're having 2 talks:

// Speaker 1: Cedrick Luven, Developer Advocate at DataStax
// Speaker 2: Hayato Shimizu, Co-Founder at
// Speaker 2: Matt Heath, Software Engineer at Monzo

// First talk:
Cedrick will talk about "Building API for Cassandra Applications : REST, gRPC, GraphQL, which one should you pick?"

Depending on your use cases you may need to access databases with different patterns: CRUD, commands, Streaming, Batches, Asynchronous, Reactive..).

At Datastax, the developer advocates team implements reference applications for developers. We had the chance to implement multiple approaches and can provide feedback. is one of this application, it has been written in 3 languages (Java, C# and Node) and implement API with REST, gRPC and GraphQL. Though live session, browsing real code, you will see implementation details, lessons learnt and get working source code in Github as takeaway.

// Second talk:
Hayato will discuss "Operational management of Apache Cassandra in Enterprises".

Hayato has been using Cassandra since 2010, looking after a large number of Cassandra clusters in both cloud and on-premises environments. He worked as a solutions architect at DataStax, and he is now at a startup providing managed services for Cassandra and DataStax.

// Third talk:
Matt Heath from Monzo - topic TBC - watch this space!