Causality & Common-sense




Causality & Common-sense

6 June 2019


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Very excited to welcome back Dr. Felix Hovsepian!

We are all aware of the achievements of machine learning in recent times, however, there many more challenges that remain – e.g machine reasoning. In this talk, I am going to introduce the notions of causality and common-sense, then discuss why I believe they of central importance to complex systems.

Dr. Felix Hovsepian is the CTO and Founder of Blue Manifold, a company that specializes in emerging technologies – Nature-inspired models of Computation & Complex Adaptive Systems in particular.

He began his career as a management consultant, returning to academia for graduate education and research – including two Research Fellowships in AI. He returned to the commercial sector in 1992, rising through the ranks to become a CTO in 2000.

He has also spent more than a decade as a Professor of Informatics and acts as an advisor to C-level stakeholders. Recently, he co-authored a book entitled, “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business”, published by Springer in 2018.