Challenges With Vendor Management In Agile Environments




Challenges with Vendor Management in Agile Environments

3 October 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

This ad-hoc virtual session will be focused on Vendor Management aspect of product development that frequently presents challenges in adaptive (agile) work, in general (not only in LeSS).

We shall cover some classic, well known pitfalls of conventional vendor management process and their impact on client work that is performed by internal teams (Scrum, Kanban), as well as provide some specific recommendations on how to steer away from well-known problems.

We shall also mention how this vendor management aspect becomes even more important in scaled environments (and why).

This session will build us up for the subsequent LeSS adoption experience report sharing (case study) -session 2, at a large fin-tech (tbd in a few weeks)