Chaos Engineering For Serverless Applications




Chaos Engineering for Serverless Applications

9 July 2019


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In this second meetup of 2019 we are very pleased to invite Emrah Samden to speak on chaos engineering with serverless applications.

Talk Synopsis: With serverless applications, execution can happen everywhere. It’s hard to predict and design for all troublesome issues. Chaos engineering can help you build highly resilient systems. Learn how and why this approach is especially valuable when building serverless applications.

Speaker Bio: @emrahsamdan
Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, a tool to provide serverless observability for AWS Lambda environments. With the development team, Emrah is obsessed with helping the serverless community with their debugging and monitoring effort both in production and during development. He is responsible for making trouble for the Thundra engineering team while finding solutions to ease the life of serverless teams.

Serkan Özal is the CEO and Founder of Thundra (, which is serverless application monitoring solution, and living in Turkey. He has 10 years of expertise in software development and he is a PhD candidate at METU. He is Oracle Open-Source contributor and has patent about approximation based cache eviction on distributed environments. He is mainly working on serverless architectures, distributed systems and monitoring tools.