Clean Architecture And Software Craftsmanship With TypeScript




Clean Architecture and Software Craftsmanship with TypeScript

18 April 2019


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Matt (Clean Architecture for the ‘Unwashed’ in Typescript and React): Bloated code bases make it hard for developers to work out ‘where’ to put ‘what’ code. It is all too common to see code bases littered with meaningless variables loaded onto framework properties, long winding functions that serve multiple purposes and badly named files. Using techniques from `The Clean Architecture (TCA): A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design by Robert (Uncle Bob) Martin, Matt will show steps that any developer can start taking to break their code into multiple files with more clearly defined roles. By using this common architectural framework for building apps developers will leverage greater flexibility and less brittleness.

*Pete (Becoming a Software Professional)* : This talk is about the most important things Pete has learned about being a software professional. From his days as a frustrated employee developer fed up working with spaghetti code to setting up a business and working out what it would take to hire and bring out the best in a team of developers who want to deliver the cleanest of code with the minimum of fuss. As an added bonus Pete will also introduce his thoughts on gaining better focus and more energy and using physiological techniques.