ClojureCircle Meetup




ClojureCircle meetup

7 March 2019


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Talks at the event will last around 20 minutes each:

## Talks ##

Growing a Clojure CLI Tool
by Avi Flax
A year ago, I wrote a little code to help me clean some data. Then a co-worker wanted to use it, then another, so I tried to make it easier and more accessible to use. When it became clear that it could be broadly useful, I set out to turn it into a usable CLI tool — even though it runs on the JVM 😅. We’ll walk through some of the challenges I faced along the way and review how I dealt with them.

Death by a Thousand Cuts
by Keigo Suzukawa
A collection of thoughts and observations from using Clojure at FC.

How to use Clojure with the Spark Dataframe API
by Mathieu Gauthron
accounting report.
Introducing Spark Dataframe API in depth, its benefits and the different adaptors available in Clojure. Demonstrate how to analyse a Peer2Peer lending transaction history to generate accounting reports, using transactions extracted from Peer2Peer provide such as Funding Circle. This will give you insight on applying the Spark API effectively.

After the talks are finished, there will be time for socialising.