Cloud Native + Kubernetes




Cloud Native + Kubernetes

6 November 2019


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6:30pm - Food and drink, sponsored by Snyk
6:55pm - Welcome
7:00pm - Fearmongering In Container Security (Rob Cresswell, Snyk)
7:45pm - Break
8:00pm - Platform Thinking (Chris Cooney, Upside Energy)
8:45pm - Wrap up, pub

· Fearmongering in Container Security (Rob Cresswell, Snyk)

Vulnerability discovery and prioritisation in containers is a painful and underexplored problem. As developers, we need to know not only the breadth of a potential attack surface but also its severity and likelihood of exploitation; all key considerations in prioritising solutions.

In this talk, Rob will explore the presentation of security issues in the container ecosystem, highlight common mischaracterisations of these issues and explain how to efficiently improve the security position of container based systems.

Rob is an engineer at Snyk, focusing on security in container and Python ecosytems. Previously he spent many years working at Cisco as a core member and project lead of the OpenStack Dashboard.

· Platform Thinking (Chris Cooney, Upside Energy)

A story of how we used Kubernetes as the platform to level up our office, the benefits we gained, like reduced lead times, improved security and monitoring, improved collaboration and an all round better working environment.