Cloud Native London, March 2021




Cloud Native London, March 2021

3 March 2021


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Welcome to our March meetup, join us to hear three fantastic speakers and network on Rambly with your fellow techies!

6:45 Kick off
7:15 Lay3r C8ke - Deterministic Security (Steve Giguere, StackRox)
7:45 Casey Walker, Contino (Talk TBC)
8:15 Break
8:30 Pradeep Bhadani, Vodafone (Talk TBC)
9:00 Wrap up

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Lay3r C8ke - Deterministic Security (Steve Giguere, StackRox)
Kubernetes has been a game changer in many ways. At the very least it has not only brought us the ability, but also established the expectation of defining "desired state" as code. This has already given birth and strength to movements like GitOps as we move towards the nirvana of "everything as code". But does this apply to security? In spite of security's noble but often both poorly defined and received attempts at hanging with the cool kids with forced parlance like devsecops and shift-left, this same change which is enabling the daft punk infused better, faster and stronger of DevOps can also bring a secure by default definition of "harder". Security used to be more about probability. Within the desired state, can reside desired security. With each layer and stage we add through our pipeline from Terraform to Yaml, with the help of kubernetes not only can we define what secure is, but even maintain it.

I've spent time in the aero industry ensuring airplanes didn't crash, the telecom industry ensuring that calls were connected and the automotive industry improving velocity and efficiency. With quality, safety and security as a focus for over 25 years in software development, I'm now and enthusiastic DevSecOps community champion, securing cloud native applications. I currently hang with kubernetes security company StackRox. Prior to them I spent time at Aqua Security and application security specialists Synopsys as a Lead Solution Architect, focusing on scalable kubernetes and secure CI/CD pipelines.