Cloud Native London, May 2019




Cloud Native London, May 2019

1 May 2019


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Welcome to our May Cloud Native London meetup, we're really looking forward to bringing you some great talks! In addition we've also got the usual free food, drink, and networking with your fellow techies.

6:30 Food and drink
7:00 Kick off
7:15 Intelligent Performance of Azure SQL Database (Manish Kumar, Microsoft)
7:45 An intro to EKS - managed Kubernetes from AWS (Matt Dalton, Finimize)
8:15 Break
8:30 ForgeRock - the most cloud friendly identity platform (Andrew Potter, ForgeRock)
9:00 Wrap up and pub

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Intelligent Performance of Azure SQL Database (Manish Kumar, Microsoft)
Performance optimisation of a database is one of the most important aspect of achieving desired performance from the database. A performance tuned database not only saves cost but you get a more performant system without adding any additional resources or moving up to a higher tier on cloud. Azure SQL DB’s built-in intelligent performance tuning features makes it one of the most intelligent databases on cloud which can auto tune itself for the most common causes of performance degradation in a production database. In this demo-filled 30 mins session you will see, learn and experience these intelligent performance monitoring and tuning features which comes bundled with Azure SQL DB.
At the end of this session you will walk out learning how to monitor and tune Azure SQL database performance using built-in tools in Azure Portal.

Microsoft certified Solution Expert in 'Data Management and Analytics', Manish works as a cloud solution architect at Microsoft. A thought leader in modern data platform which includes solutions involving relational and non-relational databases, data lakes, advanced analytics, MMP, big data and hybrid cloud implementations. Over 18 years of IT experience working as Software developer, SQL Server DBA, Solution/Data Architect, Cloud Solution Architect. Extremely passionate about blogging and public speaking. Connect with him: @im_manish and

An intro to EKS - managed Kubernetes from AWS (Matt Dalton, Finimize)
AWS launched their managed Kubernetes service EKS late last year, and at Finimize we migrated across shortly afterwards. Here I'll take you through our experiences setting this up, which could help anyone on AWS looking for a way into the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Matt is VP Engineering at Finimize a Fintech startup currently scaling their iOS app that empowers users to become financially savvy in just a few minutes a day. His previous background includes large-scale microservices deployments for banking infrastructure, as well as building devOps tooling to support multiple product and infrastructure teams. Find him @matt_dalts or

ForgeRock - the most cloud friendly identity platform (Andrew Potter, ForgeRock)
Deploy a battle hardened, secure, scalable and performant identity platform supporting 100s millions of users in minutes! At ForgeRock we have developed Cloud Deployment Models that go beyond simple Docker images to provide our customers with fully automated capabilities including deployment charts, monitoring services, backup/restore, configuration as code, scalability tests, Site Reliability Guides and typical infrastructure costs for deployments grouped into Small (1mil users), Medium (10mil users), and Large (100mil users). We use our CDM to power our SaaS and PaaS services too and we’ll take a brief peek at those.
We’ll also present a brief customer case study.

Andrew Potter is a Senior Solution Architect at ForgeRock generalising in all things ForgeRock! As part of that he has recently been getting his hands dirty with the ForgeRock CDM, working with customers, partners, and ForgeRock Cloud Engineering teams. Certainly *not* a Kubernetes expert...but maybe has just enough knowledge to deploy an identity platform!