Cloud Native With Java Unconference




Cloud Native with Java Unconference

7 September 2019


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Cloud Native with Java. What does it mean for you? Already immersed to the armpits and cursing the day you started? Wanting to take the first step but worried where to put your foot? Or have you successfully navigated the rapids and are now in calmer waters?

Whatever your situation we’d like to invite you to join a 1 day unconference focused on Cloud Native. Encompassing the whole scope - from how to design applications for the cloud, to how to develop, deploy, debug, scale, observe and even secure your creations.

If you’re an expert come and share your knowledge - if new to the game come and learn from the old hands. The only requirements are to bring your passion, knowledge and desire to share.

Since Cloud Native is a wide subject the aim is a curated unConference. That means that we follow the Open Spaces approach but with a light structure to guide the discussion along determined topics. We’ll have some well known experts to help guide the discussions but other than that it’s going to be as attendee-led as we can make it.