Cloud Workshop: Managing Deployments With Kubernetes




Cloud Workshop: Managing Deployments with Kubernetes

4 February 2021


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DevOps practices use multiple deployment strategies to manage applications, including such scenarios such as "Continuous Deployment", "Blue-Green Deployments", "Canary Deployments" and more. In this workshop, we will see how easy it is to accomplish these common scenarios in Kubernetes by scaling and managing containers in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Tim Berry (Training Architect, A Cloud Guru) will provide a quick theory lesson on the building blocks and Kubernetes components that will be used to create these deployment strategies. As a group we will then work through the Qwiklab “Managing Deployments with Kubernetes”, getting hands-on with our own GKE clusters in a free (and risk-free) environment. Tim and some other GKE pros will be on hand to answer any questions if you get stuck.

To join this workshop you should have basic Linux sysadmin skills and some familiarity with Docker containers. Experience with Kubernetes will be beneficial but is not essential.

Note: In order to participate you will need an account with You can create an account for free. We will provide a voucher code to launch the lab during the workshop.


6:00 PM: Workshop: Managing Deployments with Kubernetes


Hosted By

Gen Ashley, GDG Organizer

Goran Minov, GDG Organizer

Mamata Gelanee, GDG Organizer

Antoine Danois, GDG Organizer

Ricardo Diaz, GDG Organizer