25 - 27 September 2018


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Are you exploring what Cloud Native applications are and keen to learn how to build them, or how to make existing applications Cloud Native? Are you interested in Chaos Engineering, containers and schedulers, DevOps, DataOps, ChatOps and SecOps practices, approaches and technologies? Join Cloud Native London to learn about Cloud Native applications, Containers, Schedulers and Chaos Engineering!

It's no longer enough to just build things that could work on the cloud, instead we're talking about Cloud Native. This conference will explore the whole Cloud Native ecosystem, including at topics like:
  • Exploring what a Cloud Native applications are, and how to build them.
  • Making existing applications Cloud Native.
  • Understand the role of the Cloud Native Foundation.
  • Gain insight into tools and platforms that are emerging to help you build and manage your cloud native solutions including things like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and platforms from Google, Amazon and Microsoft.
  • See how a Cloud Native approach may change your companies IT strategy.

You'll hear from the very people who are building Cloud Native tools and services, as well as learning lessons from people who have used these tools in anger for their own applications. Whether or not you are just starting to explore what cloud native can mean for you, or whether you are already building your own cloud native solutions, you'll connect with your peers and gain useful, concrete tips to help you on your journey