Code & Coffee - Exploring Web Development




Code & Coffee - Exploring Web Development

4 February 2021


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What is the session about?
What’s more fun than coding live in front of strangers on the internet – live coding with friends on the internet, while drinking coffee! In this 2 hour livestream, Christopher Harrison – self proclaimed web geek and almost alpaca farmer – will build projects live. Together with chat, he’ll talk about the different technologies available and why he’s using them. He’ll try out different code and see what works. Because this is live, there will inevitably be things breaking, but there's learnings to be had there as well!

Who is it aimed at?
This session is for anyone interested in learning more about web development. Some experience would be useful, but is not essential.

Why should you attend?
Build fun projects and deploy them to Azure. Bring your questions, the web solutions that have worked for you, and the beverage of your choice! While this is a series, you don’t need to join week over week to know what’s going on and you’re always welcome to access Christopher's GitHub Repo to see what he’s been up to!


Christopher Harrison, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Christopher is a longtime web dev who turned a coding hobby into a career. Currently a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, he never lost the joy he felt in writing code and having the computer do what he asked and sharing that passion with others. These days he can be found at a keyboard writing TypeScript and Python. When not at a keyboard he can be found running long distances or relaxing with his wife and their four-legged child (an adorable dog) in Seattle.

Some Web Development experience would be helpful, but is not mandatory.