CodeUp Manchester July Monthly Session




CodeUp Manchester July Monthly Session

8 July 2018


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CodeUp is a learner-led monthly meetup for adults learning how to code. You tell us what you need support with, and we will do our best to help. With professional developers on hand to help, don't struggle alone, let us help you develop your skills, for free!

All meetups are suitable for people learning any language, and at any level of knowledge. Just pop in and let us know how we can help.

Drop In: As usual, we will always be running our drop-in session where you can just rock up and speak to one of our mentors about any aspect of learning to code. We have mentors who can help with all languages, problems, and aspect of coding!

Free Code Camp Group: CodeUp Manchester is hosting a study group session where people working through Free Code Camp can work together. Django Girls: Django Girls is for those who want to learn about web development, and preferably have completed Drew's Programming 101 but is also suitable for those who have no previous programming experience. The Free Code Camp Group also meet weekly on Wednesdays at SpaceportX.

Django Girls Group: CodeUp Manchester is proud to be offering continuing support for the group, and anyone else who wishes to join in and work through the Django Girls tutorial. Suitable for beginners, learn to create a website using Python & Django.

Rails Girls Group: The Rails Girls tutorial is for anyone wanting to dive into the magical world of web development with Ruby on Rails. Suitable for beginners.

CodeUp Manchester is a mentoring program for adults who would like to learn how to code for free. Once a month we intend to provide a workspace for people with no programming skills to come and learn the basics, with mentors available to answer your questions and help you on your way. Our sessions will also be suitable for people with basic skills who need support to develop them, and even for people with intermediate or advanced skills who just want to come along to space where everyone is immersed in code!