Collective #1 In Partnership




Collective #1 in partnership

7 March 2019


Added 13-Feb-2023

Expect a live demo, a deep dive into how Flux uses and loves Kotlin as well as a talk from the Founder of Vyne Solutions, Marty Pitt on how he built a solutions start-up on Kotlin!

There will be a panel Q&A as well as the usual pizza and refreshments!

Check out the agenda: πŸ‘‡

18.30 - Meet and Greet 🀝

πŸ“’ 19:00 - Tom Reay, CTO and Jerry Chen, Team Builder at Flux with an introduction to Flux as well as a high-level mention of our team growth ambitions and what's next for Flux.

πŸ“’ 19:15 - Tobie Warburton, Lead Backend at Flux with a Live Demo of Flux in action, why we wrote everything in Kotlin, how it has been useful to key projects and why we love it!

πŸ• 19:30 – Pizza and networking πŸ‘‹

πŸ“’ 20:00 - Marty Pitt, Founder of Vyne Solutions on how he built a solutions start-up on Kotlin

πŸ—£ 20:15 - Q&A

21:00 - Pub? 🍻