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Concourse London User Group

16 July 2019


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Food, Drinks, Speakers, Break time discussions, Fun.

Food and beer - we'll start off with the food and the drinks at 6.30pm. Talks will commence at 7pm.

Talk 1: Concourse and our journey to production with Spring Boot Microservices in the land of Kubernetes
Speakers: Matthias Haeussler and Adrian Tomalla of Novatec GmbH

If you want to adapt Kubernetes as runtime platform of a professional software development cycle you will soon come to the point of integrating it into an efficient continuous integration and delivery workflow. In the landscape of build server has concourse become a popular alternative to Jenkins due to its cloud-native nature. Concourse provides a flexible pipeline that is fully containerized and has gained popularity as an easy-to-understand CI/CD tool with examples like Cloud Foundry or BOSH. The talk is intended for Dev and Ops that consider using Concourse with Kubernetes. It shows how you can use the Kubernetes community resources to deploy your app to Kubernetes as part of a Concourse CI/CD pipeline.

The talk will also try to highlight certain differences between Concourse and Jenkins in terms of usage with Kubernetes and the lessons we have learned using this in a project over the last year. The intended take-away for the audience is a basic understanding of setup and usage of Concourse to improve your continuous Kubernetes experience.