Connect: Build Serverless Applications On Cloudflare




Connect: Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare

11 June 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

This will be Cloudflare's second annual gathering of distinguished businesses and technologists, including many Cloudflare customers and developers. This year, we've introduced a developer track, called "Build Serverless Applications on Cloudflare." I'd love for you to attend, make connections with Cloudflare's leadership, and learn from the excellent speakers we've secured.

This event will feature lively talks and interviews with Cloudflare’s executive team, sneak peeks at the future of Internet technology, and parallel tracks of hands-on instruction and best practices for securing and accelerating your websites, applications, and APIs.

Serverless talks include:

Beginning Workers

Advanced Cloudflare Workers

Serverless Storage Strategies

Actionable Decisions via Insights & Logs

WASM and Rust

View more details on the site and register for free there as well